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About Tonya Barton

My name is Tonya Barton and I am a part-time teacher at Tushka School. My job is a reading lab teacher and I teach Kindergarten-Third. After 34 years of teaching I retired and I stayed retired for 1 year. Then I started my job at Tushka. This will be my second year teaching at Tushka. In my past teaching, I have taught many grades, such as T1, First, Second, and Third grade, gifted and talented, remedial reading, and summer school grades Kindergarten-Third, and Fourth-Sixth. Some of my out-of-school activities include reading, of course, gardening, and repurposing junk.I have two children that I love to visit when ever I can. My goal this year is to teach,learn,and have fun!

Tonya Barton

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