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Mountain Language 6th Grade




~ Mountain Language Clues~ ~Mountain Language Questions~

1.       Football players all wear helmets,

but some still get head injuries.

1.  Is this a simple or compound sentence?


2.     shelf 2.  Write the singular or plural form of the word.

3.  Last year’s teacher said that we (was, 

were) her best class.

3.  Write the correct verb.
4.weight 4.  Write the abbreviation.
5. John Lennon, on of the Beatles, he is dead. 5.  Create a complete sentence.
6.  Mistrust 6.  Write the prefix.________________
      Write the suffix.________________
      Write the base or root word.____________________
7. speed of the runners 7.  Show the possession of the subject.

8.  musty  smell

stale    fresh     sweet

8.  Choose the word that means the same as the underlined word.
9.  James paid the electric bill

9.  Choose the subject. ____________________
      Choose the predicate.______________________

  1.  hormone-hose 

horizon – hosiery – horn 

 10.  Choose the word that would be found between the guide words.

11. panel is to door

as pane is to ___________.

11.  Write the correct word.

12. During the school year, my favorite day is 


12. write the correct form of speech for the underlined word(s).

______________________     __________________________

13.  i and my cat sally doesn’t like to lay still 13.  Proofread and write the sentence correctly.
14.  The lake looks cold. 14.  Is the statement a fact or an opinion?
15.  avoid    probelem      coax 15.  Choose the misspelled word and write it correctly.
16.   past tense of wear

16. Write the correct word.

______________________, gopher, cat, guinea pig 17.  Which word does not belong.
  1.  My best friends hardly (never, ever) come to visit me.

18.  Write the correct word (s).

___________________     _________________

19.  famine:  need      plenty       want 19.  Write the word that means the opposite of the first word.
20.  kitchen utensils 20.  List as many items as you can that fit in the category.