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Mountain Language Fifth Grade

Mountain Language


What is Mountain Language?

Mountain Language provides a daily circular and sequential review of language concepts throughout the school year!

1.  Common/Proper Nouns  11.  Analogies
2.  Singular/Plural Words  12.  Syllables
3.  Contractions 13.  Proofreading
4.  Abbreviations 14.  Fact/Opinion
5.  Compound Words 15.  Spelling
6.  Prefix, Root word, Suffix 16.  Same Sound
7.  Possessives 17.  Categories
8.  Synonyms 18.  ABC Order
9.  Subject/ Predicate  19.  Antonyms
10.  Dictionary Guide Words 20.  Brainstorming


August 18, 2016

~ Mountain Language Clues~ ~Mountain Language Questions~
1.       dr. wong

1.  Is the noun a common noun or proper noun?

     If a proper noun, write it correctly. _________________

2.     thieves 2.  Write the singular or plural form of the word.
3.  he’s 3.  Write the contraction or the two words that make the contraction.
4.incorpation 4.  Write the abbreviation.
5.  5. 
6.  irreplaceable 6.  Write the prefix.________________
      Write the suffix.________________
      Write the base or root word.____________________
7. paints of the artists 7.  Show the possession of the subject.

8.  Traditional

fancy – slow- customary

8.  Choose the word that means the same as the underlined word.
9.  Amber stayed home and studied.

9.  Choose the subject. ____________________
      Choose the predicate.______________________

  1.  busy-button 

butcher – business- buzzard 

 10.  Choose the word that would be found between the guide words.

11. ink is to pen

as lead is to ___________.

11.  Write the correct word.
12. interest 12.  Divide the word into syllables.
13.  sam throwed a orange ball to she 13.  Proofread and write the sentence correctly.
14.  We sang at the picnic. 14.  Is the statement a fact or an opinion?
15.   freind     publish       bellow 15.  Choose the misspelled word and write it correctly.
16.   ache:  child,    book,     chain 16.  Choose the word that has the same sound as the
underlined letter(s).
17. excite, frighten, scare, terrify 17.  Which word does not belong.
  1.  beat, beau, beater, beauty
18.  Put the words in ABC order.
19.  intelligent:  stupid    smart    alert 19.  Write the word that means the opposite of the first word.
20.  words associated with the ocean. 20.  List as many items as you can that fit in the category.