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Matt Simpson

After graduation from Valliant High School in 1993, I attended SOSU.  In 1997, I acquired my Bachelors of Science Education and started my first job in the field of education as a high school Science teacher at Tushka. I remained there from 1997 till 2001 and during this time I gained my Masters in School Administration. My next job took me to Atoka Middle School where I became the principal for one year. I came back to Tushka the  following year and was the principal for 14 years before starting my current job as the Tushka Superintendent.

I have two wonderful children of whom I am very proud, my daughter Allyson, who is a freshmen at SOSU, and my son Cole who is in the 8th grade.  My life consist of the busy schedule of my kids and my job at Tushka School.  I truly love this school and the community of Tushka.  I consider this to be my "home".

Matt Simpson

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