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JANUARY 23, 2020

Yesterday the seniors were presented two excellent scholarships.  These are a gurantee that someone at Tushka School will be the receipient.  Please have your students to complete these scholarships and return to me before the due date.  We have the Shelter Insurance Company: Logan Daniel for one of these.  Logan should be praised for his efforts to help students with scholarship funding.  Also, it is a given that someone at Tushka will be the recipient.  Also, the Oklahoma Schools Insurance Group scholarship was also presented to the seniors.  This is also a wonderful scholarship in which should be completed and returned to me, so I can return it to the company.  Please work on these scholarships since every penny will count when attending college.

JANUARY 6, 2020

HELLO AND WELCOME BACK!  I hope the holidays were exciting and restful for each of you.  We had three new scholarships distributed today for the seniors at Tushka.  The PB&J is a new scholarship, but would be worth the effort to fill out and hopefully be accepted.  Also, we dispursed the Jimmie L. Dean Scholarship which is also a new scholarship.  I hope each of you take the time to work on these and see how it turns out.  The Native American students recieved the Chief Earl Old Person Scholarship.  This is a great scholarship and should be taken seriously by all Native American students.  Any questions or comments, please notify me.  Have a great day!!


DECEMBER 9, 2019

The seniors were given a variety of 15 different scholarships today.  Each senior will need to look to see which one or ones he or she will be qualified to apply.  Also they were given another copy of the Riuz4kids scholarship again becaused this is such a wonderful scholarshp and in the past we have have 1-4 winners.  This is a $1,000, scholarship which is just a check mailed to the seniors’ current address.  This means they can use the money for anything needed to help with the expenses of attending college.  Also I reitereated the open invitation to be a page for someone at the state capital.  Charles McCall is the best to page for because since he is Speaker of the House, he can accept all pages’ applications.  It is a wonderful and educational experience and really looks good on resumes.  Please encourage them to take part in this.The junior class was also advised about becoming a page.  They can participate their junior and senior year.  Also, students should start applying to all colleges in which they are considering attending.  They must apply before February the 1st in order to qualify for scolarships from that college or university. 

NOVEMBER 13, 2019

Mutiple scholarships were given to each senior who wanted one.  The seniors need to scan through them and decide which ones would be good for them.  Most of these scholarships are good and can be recieved by any of the seniors, if they put time and effort into working on each one.  The Ruiz4Kids scholarhsip was also handed to each senior.  This is a valuable scholarship because usually our seniors get one to three of them annually.  This company simple sends a one thousand dollar check to be used in the needed areas.  Also they usually send many coupons for microwaveable foods to help students in the dorms.  I strongly encourage each of you to do this scholarship.  Remember the deadline is March 9, 2020.

Also, remember the deadline for the Wild Turkey scholarship is due November 15th, 2019.

NOVEMBER 1, 2019

The Hagan Scholarshp was distributed to all seniors today.  It is a very competitive scholarship, but has an excellent pay out.  Hopefully all the seniors will take advantage of this scholarship.  I sincelely hope all you seniors will apply for as many as you possibly can.  Trust me, you are going to need every dollar.  Good luck with this one.

OCTOBER 22, 2019

Several new scholarships were given to the senior class.The usual ones ere the ELKS, COCA-COLA, a new one the SIXT, which is from a rental care company, and also the GE-REAGAN FOUNDATION.  This is supposed to be a really good one. Some seniors commented that they were familiar with this one.  Also, there were 15 scholarships handed out on two attached sheets.  I told the seniors to look them over and see if any looked good to them and APPLY.  These are from the StudentScholarship Office.  I visited with the seniors on how quickly they will be graduating and now is the time to get serious about it.  I certainly hope they are listening and applying.

OCTOBER 9, 2019

The seniors were given two more scholarships today.  The Hagan Scholarship Foundation and the $5K HEISMAN HIGH SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP.  These are both good scholarships and students should complete these soon as the deadline is approaching soon. If students have any questions or need help in any way, just drop in and see me.

Also, the NATIONAL JOHNSON-O’MALLEY ASSOCIATION; CHIEF EARL OLD PERSON SCHOLARSHIP was also distributed to the eligible seniors.  This scholarship requires a Certificate of Indian Blood or Tribal Membership card.  The due date for this scholarhsip is January 15, 2020.



Today each senior was given the 20/20 Prudential Spirit of Community Awards.  This scholarship is based on community involvement through volunteering.  The qualifying students who are chosen will be presented with a 20/20 Prudential Award and will be eligible for the Spirit of Community Award.  Then students will be eligible for a $1,000. scholarship and a free trip to Washington D. C.  Deadline is November 5, 2019.  Access application at or .   HURRY DEADLINE IS SOON!!


SEPTEMBER 12, 2019

Today the seniors were given the scholarship the National Wild Turkey Federation.  It is a local scholarship and although competiitve it is very well worth the effort.  Please encourage your student to complete this and return to me before Thanksgiving.  In addition they were given a list of 15 scholarships.  Your student may not be eligible for all of them, but hopefully they will take the time to look at each one to see if they qualify for any or some of them.

Also they were given a booklet from the State Department with much valuable information.  It reviews Types of Schools and Degrees, Estimated Average Costs for Rresident Students, Types of Financial Aid, and a Financial Aid Checklist.  Please take the time to look through the booklet and the wealth of information it holds.

SEPTEMBER 25, 2019

The senior class was given a multitude of scholarships today.  Among these is the Oklahoma Hall of Fame Scholarship.  It is an excellent scholarhip.  Although it is very competitive, it does offer a lot of money.  Last year this scholarship gave away more than $2.4 million.  Each senior should sit down and work on this becasue it offers so much.

Another scholarhip was the OKLAHOMA CITY COMMUNITY FOUNDATION.  These are good scholarships and usually one or two of Tushka’s students recieve one or more.  This has a variety of scholarships including The Lion’s Scholarship.   So pleaseed take your time and please do some of these.  They will be well worth your time and effort.  These are all online scholarships and the address is on each one.  So dig in seniors and get that money.  You will definetly need it next May.



Senior night will be on October 8th at 6:00 PM in the school cafeteria.  Local colleges will be here to talk to all seniors and Tyrike Barnes will be here to assist all seniors in filling out the FAFSA.  When doing the FAFSA for the first time, it can be quite overwhelming: however, with her working one on one, it will be very easy. She has already visited with the seniors about what to bring that night.  She will need the student’s income taxes if any filed them last year.  Also, she will need the parents income taxes.  She works with students at SOSU and will be so qualified to take care of  everyone.  Try, Try to make it.  There will be an abundance of information and plenty of pizza.  Also, the Choctaw Nation will be sending representatives to talk to all Native Americans about the scholarships and grants that is offered by them.  This is truly a need to be here if possible.  See you Tuesday Night at 6:00PM.