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August 18, 2020

WELCOME BACK SENIORS!!!!  This is going to be an exciting year.  There are so many scholarships that you need to begin applying for becasue beieve me your senior year will be gone quickly.  I already have one to post.  I am not familiar with this one, but I think you should check it out.  Always remember never pay for a scholarship.  This is the Sapling which provides a $1000 scholarship for those who have a passion for the people operations and HR space.  This scholarship is for any high school senior in the US.  Take time to look over it, and see what you think. /scholarships 

SEPTEMBER 2, 2020 

Look seniors!!! This is a local scholarship that is given to the local county high schools each year.  NATIONAL WILD TURKEY FEDERATION SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM is the website to find the applications.  This is an excellent scholarship including a free dinner with your parents and also there will be door prizes and drawings.  Please, you do not want to miss this opportunity.  One requirement is to be a member, and this only costs $5.00.  So hurry and get your applicaiton completed.  Deadline is January 1, 2021.

Also, there are numerous scholarships at  Look over the ones on the paper that was given to you and see if any of those interest you. Then look at their website.  They have so many to consider!!!


Parents/Students look.  The Oklahoma Promise is ready for applications for the new year.  This is an amazing scholarship which never needs to be paid back.  There are few rules.  Students must be a US Citizen, and an Oklahoma resident.  They must maintain a 2.5 GPA overall and a 2.5 or above in the 17 unit OHLAP CORE.  Parents must have earnings less than $55,000 annually but this is before deducttions.  Students must attend school regulary and remain drug free.  All 8th-10th grade students have recieved an application.  Be sure and fill it out and mail to the address located on it.  There is also an online application available.  The Oklalhoma State Regent has applications on their home page.  Just please do not miss this opportunity.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2020

Seniors Look!!  This is an amazing scholarship that each of you should apply for this year.  You are eligible if you reside in an area with less than 50,000 residents, and we are included in that.  The Hagen Scholarship provides up to $48,000 to you over a four year period.  Last year there was over nine hurderd twenty seven Hagan Scholars from 43 states.  So please do not miss this opportunity.  The deadline is 5:00 PM CST, November 15, 2020.Visit their website at  Do not wait too long and miss the deadline.


SEPTEMBER 22, 2020

Today the seniors were given 14 scholarships listed on two sheets of paper.  Most of these are excellent scholarship including the Coca-Cola Scholars Program.  The due date for this scholarhip is October 31, 2020.  All seniors need to start applying for these as quickly as possible.  Some of these scholarships have to be of some interest to all seniors.  Please look these over and APPLY, APPLY APPLY!!!